Government Partnerships & Regulation Committee


The PAMA Government Collaborations Committee explores the development and application of federal, state, regional government initiatives supporting photopolymer additive manufacturing (PAM) to advance or use the technology.  The Committee also aims to understand the effect of actions taken by governmental organizations on the industry production and subsequent implications for manufacturing competitiveness through an open forum with the manufacturing community.


The PAMA Government Collaboration Committee is a collaborative collection of organizations from government, industry, and academia sharing information on initiatives supporting or promoting strategic research and development to advance PAM technology.  The Committee aims to encourage a dialogue about the government’s role and its goals for PAM and to collect and disseminate information on existing or newly developed standards and best practices, materials and engineering processes, and government resources and assistance programs.

Objective Statements

  • Review existing standards and best practices in PAM and evaluate new needs
  • Review of government resources and assistance programs supporting PAM suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and end-users
  • Analyze the relationship between federal programs, regional/state programs, and private programs supporting innovation in PAM
  •   Plan for needed initiatives and alternative investment opportunities in PAM
  • Identify opportunities for advancing PAM technologies, investment approaches, and international collaborations

Committee Membership

Dianne Poster, PhD – PAMA Founder & Ex-Officio Board Member

Chair of Government Partnerships & Regulation Committee

Dianne Poster is a senior advisor in the Material Measurement Laboratory at NIST supporting scientific programs in emerging measurements, standards, technology, and data. Her research interests include radiation physics and chemistry, materials engineering, and optical, dimensional and chemical metrology servicing the health, security, environmental and commercial space sectors. Previously, as the Deputy Associate Director for Technology and Environmental Policy at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Dr. Poster administered the environmental federal regulatory portfolio and advised on policy and strategy issues related to protecting the environment.